TOPTOTE hat clip for bags
TOPTOTE hat clip for bags

Kiss carrying your hat in your hand GOODBYE with The Pout hat clip. This is our founder, Lindsay's favorite style because she loves the sense of humor and playfulness of the design. It's made with premium high gloss patent leather so it looks sophisticated and cool for people all ages. It's also a cute handbag charm when not in use! 

5 1/2" long. Red patent leather, leather lining, zinc alloy hardware, magnet closure. Holds 1-2 hats depending on brim thickness.

+U.S. Pat. No. 10,413,047

For all non-patent leather products you can use a leather protectant spray if you choose to.

It’s As Simple As...

1. Clip

2. Separate

3. Snap

4. Wear it, or not!

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