The Loop


The Loop is not just a luggage tag, its a hat holder that attaches to your suitcase and carries your hat! Our patented hat holder is made with smooth genuine leather and loops around the handle of your suitcase or bag strap. 

12" long hat clip (when looped onto handle) 2.5" wide. Genuine leather, magnet closure. Holds 1-2 hats depending on brim thickness.

*When going through Airport security, detach TOPTOTE® from carry-on and keep away from all metal when putting items through X-ray. Do not leave TOPTOTE® on checked bags at airport.

+U.S. Pat. No. 10,413,047

 For all non-patent leather products you can use a leather protectant spray if you choose.

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It’s As Simple As...

1. Clip

2. Separate

3. Snap

4. Wear it, or not!

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